Azul Wolf
Azul Wolf

League of Angels New Mount Evolution System

Mount Evolution:

Last week saw a big change in the way you can use your mounts. As your faithful animal grows stronger, you will now have the option to evolve it into a completely different mount! The option to evolve your mount will completely change its name, skills, appearance and more!

There are lots of benefits from having a good mount, so make sure to get familiar with how this system works! Evolving is irreversible, so be sure that it is absolutely what you want before you go through with it.

To learn more about the Mount Evolve Interface, please click here:

League of Angels Mount Evolution

New Mount – Azul Wolf:

Feared by all for its Arctic might, the Azul Wolf has ruled its habitat for thousands of years. Only the bravest would even think of taming such a powerful creature, but it is well worth the danger. With an Azul Wolf by your side, you will make your enemies quake with fear!

This powerful new mount can be evolved from the Lycorax with Azul Wolf Souls. Be sure to check out our events page regularly if you want to have an Azul Wolf on your side!

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Azul Wolf