JYRO Electric Ride-Ons Debut at CES 2017 26

JYRO Electric Ride-Ons Debut at CES 2017

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JYRO, a premium adult tech brand revolutionizing electric ride-ons for Millennials, will be launching globally today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The full range of the JYRO line, from a single-wheeled skateboard to a light-weight scooter, will be on display, as well as available for demo at Tech West in the Sands Expo, level two, booth 44372.

“We’re looking forward to presenting the versatility and technology that JYRO is bringing to the electric ride-ons and personal mobility categories,” said Thomas O'Connell, Global CEO, JYRO.

Leading the JYRO line is the JYRO Roll, a self-balancing single-wheel electric skateboard which makes riders feel as if they are snowboarding and surfing. It features a dynamic stabilization that creates a user controlled lean to go action, where riders can carve smooth heel and toe turns. The JYRO Roll has a max speed of 12 miles per hour and will travel 10 to 15 miles per charge, only taking three hours to charge fully. It weighs 28 pounds and has a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds. Other features include: Bluetooth and app enabled, 20° climbing angle, LED light strip, plastic and metal frame.

The JYRO Roll will be available in April at an MSRP of $1,000. The full line of JYRO electric ride-ons will also include the JYRO Roam, the next generation of self-balancing boards, the JYRO Flow, a fast and foldable electric scooter, the JYRO Solo 1, a self-balancing single wheel motion unit and the JYRO Solo 2, a self-balancing dual wheel motion unit.