Gaming is more Fun with #SmartLife 15

Gaming is more Fun with #SmartLife

Life is so hectic these days.

There’s work, there’s the need to keep in touch with your family and friends, and of course, you also have to make sure that you’re updated on the latest apps and games that you can download.

I, for one, cannot stand it when I feel like I don’t know what’s hip and happening. I guess that really happens when you live in this fast-paced world, huh?


Entertainment Everywhere

One thing that keeps me going is online games. Come on, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of them.

One of my top choices is Clash of Clans. Imagine, just by using my tablet or smartphone, I get to build my own clan, train my troops, and gain many friends—and maybe enemies, from all over the world.

And, with the help of #Smartlife, I get to make sure that I spend a lot of time in the game—so my troops and I can shoot more enemies and do a lot of damage while gaining elixir and gold at the same time.

Plus, we’re also gearing up for the highly anticipated Philippine Clash 2015, the biggest Clash of Clans Tournament in the country! Imagine getting the chance to win 2 million pesos just because of a game! Brilliant, huh?


With #Smartlife, I also get to play other games, such as:

  • Garena is one of the best and most popular gaming platforms out there—with over 17 million users worldwide and counting! What’s great about Garena is the fact that you get to play a lot of games in it. These games include Age of Empires, Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), Heroes of Newert, and my personal favorite League of Legends. Yep—they’re those games you hear most people talk about! I can still remember the days when my friends and I would have to rent computers just to play DOTA. Now, we get to play it wherever, whenever—and that’s all because of #SmartLife! Wow!

Also, more than being a gaming platform, Garena also serves as a social media platform to many—including me! Over the years, I’ve met friends all over the world because of it!

  • Ah, Steam is a classic. Remember how Counter Strike hit the shores a few years ago? Well, you can still play it now upon downloading the Steam platform on your tablet or smartphone! I still enjoy playing the game, together with new releases such as Darwinia and Rag Doll Kung Fu!

Another thing I enjoy is tinkering with Dubsmash—I usually post videos of myself reenacting lines from my favorite movies like Forrest Gump and Grease! It’s a different kind of play time, sure, but it’s still so much fun! Sometimes, my friends and I even challenge each other!

With Smart’s vision of creating meaningful innovations, #Smartlife makes you feel that entertainment really is everywhere!

Convenience Everywhere

But wait, surely, #Smartlife isn’t just all about gaming and entertainment. Conveying the message of “convenience everywhere,” #Smartlife makes sure that you’re where you need to be, you get to eat the best food, and you take better control of your life.

Some of my favorite #SmartLife apps include:

  • FoodPanda and Looloo for my fastfood cravings. With these apps, delivery is fast!
  • Click the City, which has always been my favorite online destination to check which gigs are up, what movies are playing, and basically know more about what’s hip and happening in the metro, and;
  • Uber, Waze, and the MMDA App. I basically have no sense of direction, and I find it extremely helpful that I can find my way around the city without asking other people—and without looking lost!

Peace of Mind Everywhere

Also, more than having peace of mind that I’m leveling up in the games that I play, #SmartLife helps me make sure that my family is also safe at home—all with the help of Fam Cam, a security device that you can install at home.

Of course, you’d also get to see what’s happening wherever you are, just by connecting through your tablet or smartphone! It’s an easy way of knowing that the people you care for are safe. I find it extremely helpful when I need to go on out of town trips and leave the kids at home!

With this, you’d see that Smart really does make you empowered—and more in control of your life!

Acing the Game

These days, you have to make sure that you do not just let yourself get lost in the crazy world of business. No matter how busy you are, it’s still important to do something that makes you happy, and keeps your mind away from the serious stuff—that’s what gaming does for me.

When you live the #SmartLife, you can be sure that you’d get to play those games at the best of your abilities, and make sure that you ace them all!

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