Field of Valor Content Available for a Limited Time in Black Desert Mobile
Field of Valor Content Available for a Limited Time in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile’s 30-minute Battle “Field of Valor” Available for a Limited Time

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Black Desert Mobile
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December 11, 2019
Black Desert Mobile is an open world action mobile MMORPG with stunning graphics, incredible action, and skill based combat.

Pearl Abyss today announced that a new mode titled “Field of Valor” is now available in Black Desert Mobile for a limited time. 

Field of Valor is a battlefield mode that Adventurers can enjoy as a party of five. Adventurers can start forming their own party with friends or guild members and take part in 30-minute battles against a variety of monsters.

Adventurers must have Tokens of Valor in order to enter this mode. The tokens can be obtained as log-in rewards and through rare drops by hunting. The unique feature of Field of Valor is that all party members equally share in the rewards gained by defeating enemies on the battlefield. This is a great opportunity for Adventurers to collect various in-game items such as weapons, armor, Ancient Gold Coins, and large amounts of silver.  

Shakatu's Shop in Black Desert Mobile

In addition, the Shakatu’s Shop event will also be available for one week. Shakatu’s Shop is an in-game store where Adventurers can buy weapons and armor with Ancient Gold Coins, just one of the currency types available in Black Desert Mobile. When Adventurers make a purchase in Shakatu’s Shop, the level of the gear obtained will be randomly set, but they will be able to purchase as many items as they can afford. Until next week, the chances of acquiring the highest-grade gear currently available from Shakatu’s Shop will be greatly increased.

Starting this week, Adventurers can also enhance their combat skills thanks to further updates being introduced to Black Desert Mobile. This exciting update will enable gear to be enhanced up to +35 and provide additional levels for Gear Resonance and Bonus Effects.

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