Dragon Heroes – Intense shooting action meets RPG 14

Dragon Heroes – Intense shooting action meets RPG

PATI Games, developer of I LOVE COFFEE and I LOVE PASTA, announced the launch of their new global title, Dragon Heroes.

Dragon Heroes brings back the enjoyment of the classic shooting games and combines it with RPG elements.

As a shooting game, Dragon Heroes is an easy game to play, as a single finger is all that is needed to evade, attack and perform powerful skills to wipe out enemies.

As an RPG, users will be able to collect and power-up dozens of Heroes each with different attack styles and skills. Each hero has a background story which can be unlocked when hero is obtained.

Also, Dragon Heroes presents a rune system which provides different types of boosts to the equipped hero. As each stage has different types of enemies with different attributes, users will need to equip a rune set that is most effective to the upcoming battle.

Finally, Dragon Heroes presents various game contents such as Scenario – Unveil the secrets of Dragonia, Special Dungeon – Four dungeons which provides different types of rewards, Guild – form the most powerful guild, Infinite Dungeon – unlimited waves, unlimited enemies, Boss Battle – Challenge powerful bosses, Arena – form a team composed of 9 Heroes and battle other users, and Arcade – relive the classic shooting game style gameplay.

Dragon Heroes has prepared two launch events to help out users begin their journey. First, all users who reach Level 15, clear Scenario Stage 5-10(on easy difficulty) will get a 5★ Hero Draw Ticket and a 4★ Rune Draw Ticket. Also a 6★ Hero Draw ticket will be given when completing both. Secondly, users will be able to obtain Hero Draw Tickets and Rune Draw tickets by clearing Scenario Stage 1-10~7-10 on easy difficulty.

Dragon Heroes is now available at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for free. To find out more about the game, visit the official Dragon Heroes Facebook page.

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