Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Review 9

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Review

Digimon story: Cyber Sleuth is a turn-based role-playing game. The storyline is about a teenager who encounters an online hacker, which eventually leads the teenager into a trap inside the cyberworld. The only way to fight his way back into the real world is to collect and train his Digimons in order for him defeat the group of hackers. People who watch Digimon would love and enjoy this game because of its nostalgic memories. Playing this game would encourage you to watch Digimon shows as well.

What I like about this game is the open world experience in which it allows players to walk around the Digimon universe. I’m a big fan of turn-based strategy games because it allows players like me to think critically and creatively before making a move. Auto mode allows players to be idle with other things, while Digimons train and gain experience to learn new skills. Auto mode is a game option for those people who dislike feeling guilty while being away from the keyboard. Skills have precise descriptions on their effects on battle, while stats are customizable and can be increased with more experience points.


Starting this game allows players to create and customize their own male or female character. There’s a total of 240 Digimons to collect and train, which is a really fun challenge especially for players like me who enjoy hours of grinding for experience in order to gain new skills and increase my Digimon’s stats. This game has tons of side quests and side stories, which are both entertaining and helpful in gaining more experience points.

There’s a maximum level cap that’s not too hard to attain. Level caps differ with different types of Digimons. To know your Digimon’s level cap, go to S. Exp information.

Game visuals are excellently animated, from Digimon battles to simply roaming around the Digimon universe. The main characters are aesthetically gorgeous, which makes the game more fun in a role-play kind of way, or for players like me who enjoy playing the role of attractive characters.  The settings are beautiful; I recommend adjusting the setting to the highest quality to experience the beauty of the game. If your PC is slow, a low-quality setting would only make a small difference.


Skill animations are realistic and fast, which helps in farming for experience points and for the quick leveling up of skills and stats.

The game soundtrack is diverse depending on certain scenarios. There are soundtracks used for Digimon Battles and certain cut scenes. The music choice for this game is fantastic! The music makes me feel excited for battles, which helps me keep up with hours of playing. What I really like is that the music makes me feel the character’s aura and personality.

Now what makes Digimon Story stand out among other games out there is its Digimon background story, which lures players like me because of nostalgia. I feel like I’m revisiting my childhood again, and this game got me hooked because it took me down to memory lane every single day. Other unique stuff about this game is its game depth and long-term playability. Game depth because there are a lot of different elements in this game like different skills, status effects, types, attributes, stats, and personality. And long term playability simply because of this game’s awesome gameplay.


Every game has skills but Digimon Story has this unique skill system of special attacks based on an acquired set of skills that relies on power, accuracy, and elements. But all of these require Digimons to have SP points. SP points would take time to get familiar with, but it’s one of the things that makes this game more deeper and interesting. But be careful because SP points are valuable resources—you do not want to waste them in this game.

Status effects are disabilities in the game while in combat. Status effects are a useful notification tool for players to know the status of their Digimon, whether it’s paralyzed or asleep. Some status effects affect abilities, like the inability to use a set of skills. Although we do see this in some other games, Digimon Story does an excellent job in bringing justice into this kind of games, improving game depth and the overall game play.


Types and attributes is a strength and weakness system. For example, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock. But in this game it’s more complex and fun. The four attributes are: Virus, Vaccine, Data, and Free. Attacks from different types differ from one another.

Lastly, stats and personalities are two of the biggest contributors for game depth. Experience points turn into stats and personalities. There are endurance, vitality, intelligence, defense, and many more. Making your Digimon’s skills work for your advantage is a vital part of this game.

Overall, I love the gameplay and the high quality graphics, which makes me appreciate the aesthetics of the game settings and characters. I encourage people reading this review to play Digimon story: Cyber Sleuth to experience a new and unique gaming experience.