Black Gold Online - Yellow Cruiser Pack Giveaway
Black Gold Online - Yellow Cruiser Pack Giveaway

Black Gold Online – Yellow Cruiser Pack Giveaway

Black Gold Online Open Beta is now available. To thank our loyal players, Snail Games has teamed up with GameHaunt to offer a great opportunity for a Yellow Cruiser Pack.

Each Yellow Cruiser Pack will grant you:
O.B. Yellow Cruiser (14 days)
Thunder Knight (14 days)
Gold Coin
Carrier Card
Gem Box (Level 3)
Low Tier Double Experience Medicine
HP Guard Potion
Primary Power Potion
Primary Critical Potion

How to Redeem Your Key
1. Log in to your GameHaunt account to get your key. If you don’t have one, register for free HERE
2. Get your Code (Refresh the page if the code won’t show up)
3. Redeem your key at

Event rules:
1. Event Duration: 20th June 2014 – 20th July 2014.
2. One gift code per account.
3. Characters will receive the items via in-game mail within 24 hours.

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About Black Gold Online
Black Gold Online is a free-to-play MMORPG focused on the collision between steampunk and fantasy. On one side you have the Erlandir kingdom, mystical, shamanistic, and reliant upon the power of their magic to defend their homeland. On the other you have the imperialistic Isenhorst war machine, hell bent on extracting the world’s resources to fuel their mechanical creations and technological lifestyle. The two factions clash for control of the world’s remaining black gold in the ultimate battle of magic versus technology.

Key Features

  • Ride the Vehicles of Destruction: Pilot gigantic walking mechs, watch the earth shake in your wake or rein thundering beasts whose roar echo across the land. Prepare for a total war fought on fresh perspectives!
  • Battles of Unprecedented Scale: Two distinct factions vying for total domination of the continent. Rally the banners, forge new allegiances and fight for guild-specific strongholds. Let your colors fly and glories shine!
  • Boundless PvP Action: Experience the most brutal and fast-paced PvP action in Black Gold Online. Stay on your guard and thread carefully through the lands of Montel, for there is no concept of safe zone.

For more information about Black Gold Online, please visit:

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