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Black Desert Classes

Latest addition Black Desert Classes – Mystic Gets Teaser Trailer

Kakao Games and PearlAbyss today revealed a brand new teaser trailer that features the recently announced addition to black desert classes – the Mystic class. From the trailer it becomes clear that the Mystic is a martial arts expert, much like the already available Striker class that was introduced to Black Desert Online in May.


The Mystic came from a small village in Calpheon that was devastated during the war. She felt abandoned and lost the will to live. One day, a wise martial arts master appeared and took care of her, offering a spark of hope for the future. Later they moved east together and began to live amongst the Oriental people.

The master saw a very powerful energy within her eyes and decided to train her in his ways. He found she had a strong mind that enabled her to stay calm and peaceful even under heavy pressure. But it was difficult for the Mystic to settle in her new home. Oriental people discriminated her because of her blond hair and blue eyes. Additionally, locals became jealous of her highly advanced martial arts skills that she learned through hard training.

One day, the master introduced her to a man who was much like her with the same blond hair and blue eyes. Finally she had a sparring partner, both physically as well as mentally. She confided in him and trusted his thoughts and beliefs. However, after a while he suddenly left the village without saying a word. Saddened by his absence, she followed and embarked on a ship to find him.


The fast-paced Mystic class uses martial arts to dazzle her foes. She is especially skilled in high kicks and uses a shoulder charge move to force her way through enemy ranks. Lightning fast punches keep foes off-guard while she prepares to combo more powerful attacks such as her surging punch moves. Her grace is matched only by her ferocity.

The new Mystic class will make her first appearance on Black Desert Online’s Korean service and will be released soon to other regions.

In the second half of 2017, Black Desert Online players can look forward to the massive Kamasylvia Expansion, new world bosses, the co-op horde mode, new siege war content, and an exciting new PvP arena―on top of the Mystic’s debut.

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