Free Black Desert Mobile Coupon Code Giveaway
Free Black Desert Mobile Coupon Code Giveaway

100 Free Black Desert Mobile Coupon Code Giveaway

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Black Desert Mobile
Release Date
December 11, 2019
Black Desert Mobile is an open world action mobile MMORPG with stunning graphics, incredible action, and skill based combat.

As this is an exciting time to play Black Desert Mobile with all the competitive game modes have been added to the game recently, we have partnered with Pearl Abyss to giveaway free Black Desert Mobile coupon code.

We will be giving away (10) coupon codes each day in the next 10 days for a total of 100 free Black Desert Mobile black pearl coupons.

Due to popular demand, Pearl Abyss have provided us an additional set of coupon codes but this time, it's for 100 Black Pearls! We will be raffling 30 lucky winners of Free Black Desert Mobile Black Pearl Coupon on March 2, 2020. All you have to do is join the raffle below and make sure to get as much raffle entries as you can by sharing and following Black Desert Mobile social media pages!

Black Desert Mobile 100 Black Pearls Giveaway from GameHaunt

Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave

Pearl Abyss today announced that Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave has been introduced to Black Desert Mobile. Starting today, Adventurers can experience the thrill of fighting powerful enemies associated with this nightmarish region.

Nightmare: Omar Lava Cave is a PvP feature that allows Adventurers to engage in combat with other Adventurers (except fellow Guild Members) while also taking on a horde of powerful monsters in a new combat zone. Only 100 Adventurers can enter this zone, and those who participate in defeating monsters have the opportunity to gain special rewards such as higher-grade gear and Black Stones. With a 5-minute timer ticking down for all who enter this Nightmare zone, Adventurers can extend their stay in this zone by defeating both enemies and other Adventures to renew the timer.

Accessory Resonance

In addition, Accessory Resonance has been updated for all +3 and +4 Accessories. Adventurers can now become even stronger with new AP and DP buffs by enhancing high-grade Accessories. The game’s ranking system has also been revamped. Unlike the previous system, which ranked Adventurers by server, the new ranking system reflects an Adventurer’s ranking across all servers of a region.  


Also, “Black Desert Mobile World Championship – Ramoness!” has officially begun. Matches are taking place in each region, starting from today through to March. Pearls and special titles will be awarded to teams that advance to the later rounds.  

Black Desert Mobile Coupon Code

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