World of Dragon Nest - Open World Free Items
World of Dragon Nest - Open World Free Items

World of Dragon Nest 200 Free Item Codes Giveaway

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The much-awaited mobile game World of Dragon Nest (WOD) – the first Open World MMORPG in the Dragon Nest IP developed by Eyedentity Games and published by Nexon Thailand – has hit the top mobile app rankings in 5 SEA countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand.

With the successful launch of World of Dragon Nest two weeks ago, we have teamed up with Nexon Thailand to run a giveaway for our readers.

We will be giving away (20) codes each day in the next 10 days for a total of 200 free World of Dragon Nest item codes.

We are now out of World of Dragon Nest coupon codes but we were able to secure 20 more codes which we will be giving away through a raffle. Join the raffle below for a chance to win an exclusive World of Dragon Nest item code.

Each code consists of the following:

  • HP Elixir x50
  • Normal Resurrection Scroll x10
  • [Entry Ticket] Cerberus Nest x5
  • [Entry Ticket] Apocalypse Nest x5
  • 100,000 Gold

Make sure to follow us on our social media channels for a chance to win a random item code that could contain one of the following:

  • 300,000 Gold
  • 100,000 Gold
  • Red Diamond x200
  • Costume Gacha Ticket
  • Mount Gacha Ticket.

World of Dragon Nest (WOD) is the first Open World MMORPG in the Dragon Nest franchise. The game made waves during its pre-registration period, with over 1,500,000 gamers from all across the SEA region joining in on the excitement. The game will include a host of interesting features, including:

1. Open World
For MMORPG lovers. Wander into the vast world of Dragon Nest and face powerful monsters and bosses. Pick up your trusted weapon and forge your legend together!

2. 4 Familiar classes + 1 New class ‘Slayer’, no gender lock!
Create your character freely and choose the gender that you desire, with 4 familiar classes as well as the newly added ‘Slayer' class, never-before-seen in any Dragon Nest game before.

3. Weapon Swap & Chain Skill
The ‘Weapon Swap’ system will allow you to change your main weapon on the fly, including in the middle of a heated battle! Customize your own unlimited ‘Chain Skill’ combos, and use the action skill continuously for up to 17 skills.

4. PvP modes
– Single PvP 1:1, Fight in the arena in real-time, for victory and glory!
– Team PvP, team up with up to 3 other players and fight to become the best!
– Prepare to experience the chaos in the Free For All system, in which up to 8 players can join the fight.
– Challenge your strength in PvP Colosseum Mode.
– Take part in the Siege War alongside over 200 other players!

5. Life system
Live a full life in this abundant Open World MMORPG, with activities like fishing, farming, mining, pets/mounts, or even spa relaxing, to create your own joyful community.

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