Wakfu Item Code Giveaway

Wakfu APAC Item Code Giveaway

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We are very excited to announce that the generous people at Ankama Asia secured some Wakfu APAC item codes for us to give away! We have 5pcs Multiman Virulent Treachrose Item Code which enables you to link a sidekick to your account and use it in combat. But that doesn't end there as 100 random participants shall receive a consolation prize of a Class 10 Glossy Runes!

Multiman Virulent Treachrose
Frederick Flores
Roi Vinson Abrazaldo
Paolo Suarez
Hyiee Jaycee Barcebas Cruz
Kordell Cawelle

Codes for the Class 10 Glossy Runes will be sent randomly to 100 winning participants.

Wakfu APAC Item Code Giveaway