Virgin Plus raises prices of plans by $5 to $10. 26

Virgin Plus raises prices of plans by $5 to $10.

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Bell-owned Virgin Plus has recently adjusted its 4G plans, resulting in price increases for most of its offerings. The 40GB plan has been completely removed from the lineup, with other plans now costing $5 to $10 more per month.

The updated plans from Virgin Plus are as follows:

– $54 for 60GB of 4G data (previously $49/month)
– $50 for 50GB of 4G data (previously $44/month)
– $44 for 20GB of 4G data (previously $34/month)

Notably, the 40GB plan, which used to cost $39 per month, is no longer available. However, a new ‘Basic' plan with 3GB of 3G data, along with unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, is now offered at $39 per month. Additionally, the cost of Virgin's talk and text plan has increased from $30 to $35.

Despite these changes, the $65 plan for 75GB of 5G data remains unchanged at this time. The fluctuating prices reflect the ongoing adjustments in the telecommunications market, with Virgin Plus making necessary alterations to stay competitive.

It is advisable for consumers to carefully evaluate their options before committing to any of Virgin's revised plans. While the price hikes may be disappointing, there are still better value propositions available from other providers. Koodo and Fido continue to offer plans at the previous price points, and Freedom Mobile and Public Mobile present compelling alternatives with competitive pricing and features.

For those in Canada seeking a cost-effective mobile plan, exploring the offerings from various providers can help identify the most suitable and affordable option.