Fido $34/20GB plan ending on July 8. 26

Fido $34/20GB plan ending on July 8.

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Fido, the flanker brand of Rogers, has announced that its $34/20GB 4G plan will be coming to an end on July 8th. This news gives potential customers a few more days to take advantage of this offer before it disappears.

While the $34/20GB plan may seem like a good deal, there are better options available from competitors such as Freedom Mobile and Public Mobile. These providers offer $34/50GB 5G plans that also include Canada/U.S. calling, texting, and data usage. It is important to note that Fido's plan actually costs $39 per month but drops down to $34 if customers opt for automatic payments.

It remains uncertain what will happen to the 20GB plan once July 8th rolls around. Fido could decide to remove the plan entirely or adjust the pricing. In light of Virgin Plus recently increasing the price of some of its plans, including their 20GB plan jumping from $34 to $44, it wouldn't be surprising if Fido followed suit. However, there has been no indication that Fido's other plans will be affected by this change.

For those interested in exploring Fido's current plans and offerings, they can visit their website for more information.

Overall, with the deadline approaching, potential customers who are interested in Fido's $34/20GB plan should consider signing up before July 8th to take advantage of this offer before it potentially changes.