Run Run Super V Released Worldwide

Altitude Games, a mobile game studio founded by veterans of the Southeast Asian game development scene, announced the worldwide release of its first game Run Run Super V on the Google Play Store today. Run Run Super V is a 2D action game that offers gamers the chance to form their very own “ranger squadron” and do battle with the forces of evil. Inspired by 90’s sentai TV shows such as Voltron and Voltes V , the game gives players the power to run through the streets, fly through the skies, and finally control their very own Super Robot against giant monsters.

The game was previously in soft-launch in South East Asia and is now hitting other Google Play stores for the first time. It is also the first Philippine-made game to be featured globally on Google Play.


Run Run Super V offers a variety of action-packed gameplay reminiscent of a super sentai TV episode. In the campaign, players run through the city in a side-scrolling 2D runner, using various power-ups to defeat enemies. You can also jump into vehicles to fly through the air and blast enemies away. Reaching the run distance goal lets you volt in to form your own Super Robot, Robo-V. The final challenge pits Robo-V against a giant alien monster, where you must unleash well-timed attacks in a tense battle. All gameplay types use casual one-touch controls, such as tapping and swiping.

Completing stages unlocks an Endless mode, where players run as far as they can to compete with others on the leaderboards. Adding to the game experience is a well-stocked Store, where you can customize your rangers (and even the evil minions), and purchase power-ups and perks.

“We’re very proud to launch Run Run Super V today as the first Philippine game to be featured globally on Google Play,” said Gabby Dizon, CEO of Altitude Games. “It shows the quality of games being developed here, and hopefully paves the way for more games from Altitude and the rest of the Philippine game development community to succeed worldwide in the future.”

“We all loved watching sentai and Super Robot shows growing up.” added Jan Rey Solomon, Product Manager at Altitude Games. “We hope people around the world enjoy playing it as much as we did making it.”

Run Run Super V is now available to download for free at the Google Play Store.


Game Summary

Key Features

  • Classic sentai and Super Robot-inspired look and feel
  • Action-packed gameplay spanning several game modes
  • Compete with your friends and get the highest score in Endless Mode
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