Nexon Korea Celebrates Action RPG Medal Masters with New Rewards 14

Nexon Korea Celebrates Action RPG Medal Masters with New Rewards

Starting today, Nexon Korea’s widely popular, action-packed mobile, collectible RPG Medal Masters, will receive its latest update with the ‘Blazblue Collaboration Celebration,’ as well as the return of fan-favorite location, the treacherous Advent Dungeon. Fans may now celebrate and earn even more rewards from the game’s dynamic battles on iOS and Android.

Medal Master players will experience a brand new adventure as they journey to save more than 425 different heroes, collect medals, and become the ultimate medal master. With the ‘Blazblue Collaboration Celebration,’ players have the chance to return and face the perils found in the Advent Dungeon, including facing off against the terrifying fire wizard, the Skeleton King. The celebration event also comes fitted with even more opportunities for heroes to earn additional loot through free and paid events.

  • During the ‘Blazblue Collaboration Celebration’ event, players can:
    Buy the Blazblue Collaboration Medal Box / Growth Package: Buy one of two sets featuring Rachel, Tsubaki and Ragna; or Noel, μ-No.12- and Jin
  • From Oct. 12-25, players that disassemble Rachel, Tsubaki, Noel, and μ-No.12- during the event period will receive 40 pieces; and disassembling Ragna and Jin will yield 50 pieces
  • Increased Chances for Big Hits: Players will receive increased chances to earn great and perfect hits;
  • Gain rewards from VIP Mileage: Various rewards will be given to players based on their VIP mileage earned;
  • Earn a Prism Option Card Pack after finishing 7-day Login Event: Log into the game for seven consecutive days to earn a Prism Option Card Pack for free;
  • Receive Level Achievement Bonuses: Upon reaching certain levels, players will be rewarded with coins and friendship points
  • Return to the Advent Dungeon: Journey to the Advent Dungeon and battle against the Skeleton King
  • Score Rewards as a New User: News players will receive 200 Gems