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Minion Masters Launch and Dwarf Pack Codes Giveaway

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To celebrate the launch day announcement and more than 1 million owners, Steam has helped BetaDwarf Entertainment to create a whole new functionality for 100% discount, which they are using on their new DLC launching today.

You can now certainly grab on Steam the HUGE $15 Voidborne Onslaught DLC for FREE right now. But note that it is only available for a limited time! (Until March 14)!

GameHaunt is very glad to present Minion Masters Dwarf Pack codes giveaway! To celebrate Minion Masters Launch this month, we will run a free codes giveaway to give away a dwarf pack. These contains 3 power tokens and 1,500 gold! (Get your code below)

Launch May 24th on PC/Xbox

Minion Masters has attracted more than 1 million players during Early Access. It also gained big Discord audience. On which may be apparent by the huge Discord Server only 5 times smaller than Fortnite.


Guild Conquest is a very unique and engaging way to co-operate as a guild. Your guild will gain access to 5-10 Minions every 3 days that all Guild members can use as best possible to win a set of matches.

Play together and discuss how to use these Minions, in order to claim some of the biggest rewards for your whole guild!

A truly active Discord Server

The Minion Masters Discord server has grown to become one of the top 20 biggest Discord servers in the world and offers an exceptionally active community with advice, fan art, community e-sports and much more.

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