Mashimaro to join Knight Age

Joymax, leading online game developer and publisher known globally for popular titles Silkroad Online and Digimon Masters, announced today the world-famous Mashimaro will soon be joining the Pupa family in its breakout MMORPG, Knight Age. Beginning December 18th, the chubby white bunny will become player’s loyal companion who will fight to the end with his trusty plunger! To prepare for Mashimaro’s arrival players can head to and learn more.

First introduced on the internet in Korea as a flash animation character, Mashimaro instantly gained popularity within a year for its adorable yet comedic appearance. Its sudden fame across the nation followed up with various official licensed merchandises the following year. Soon after, Mashimaro’s popularity spread across the globe and found its way to Knight Age!

Despite his chubby adorable looks, Mashimaro has one of the most unique battle styles! Mashimaro usually wields his mighty plunger to hit enemies over the head. One of his special intimidation skills is performed by smashing a bottle over his own head and placing fear into those that dare cross him. If that’s not enough, Mashimaro uses “Spray Gas” attack by collecting gas from his rear then spraying it at his formidable foes! The gas deals damage continuously to nearby enemies’ also decreasing accuracy and evasion for a certain time.

How do players get Mashimaro? The only way to get this infamous character for the holiday is through Knight Age’s official Facebook at A special video on Mashimaro will be posted on December 18th and players must “share” and comment to earn the character for free. This event will last through January 8th and will become a cash item soon after.

Following Mashimaro’s big debut, December 18th also promises two new Pupae, three new mounts and a new Pupa collections system to keep track of all collected Pupae! Players can join now to get in all the fun at

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