Introducing Meters OV-1 Headphones 13

Introducing Meters OV-1 Headphones

Today at CES 2017, new consumer audio brand Meters Music kicks off the roll-out of its ambitious raft of home audio devices with the launch of the stunning OV-1 headphones.

The OV-1s feature a high-quality and exquisitely engineered design with a dash of studio cool, via their unique, fully- functioning VU meters, together with a sound performance designed by the team – from parent company Ashdown Engineering – who make musical instrument amplifiers for many of the world’s biggest bands. These include U2, the Foo Fighters, System of a Down, Jamiroquai, Bastille, Biffy Clyro and many more.

The OV-1s use a high-quality dynamic ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) design, creating an ideal listening space even in the most hectic of environments. They feature custom designed 40mm dome drivers, meticulously developed to deliver a transparent and even tonal response in keeping with the company’s rich musical history.

They also boast the company’s patented VU meters, lending a stylish visual reference to their rich musical pedigree. The VU Meters react in real-time to the sound level of the music being played. This allows parents to monitor how loud their child is listening, helping to keep their growing ears safe from excessive volume… or if you’re an adult who likes it loud, you can happily throw caution to the wind and rock out with the OV-1’s meters nudging into the red.

Introducing Meters OV-1 Headphones 15

For the OV-1s, Meters Music has also created its own light-weight alloy ergonomic headset, to ensure many hours of comfortable listening, as well as using protein leather for its durability and sustainability.

Introducing the new headphones Managing Director Mark Gooday, said, “After nearly three years of design and patents, we are over the moon with the sound, the ANC and the comfort these headphones deliver. We cannot wait to let people try them: our artists are asking daily when they can have a pair, and the iconic VU meter has been a huge hit with them all. Watch this space for pictures of the Ashdown Family wearing the Meters headphones with pride.”

Meters Music is the creation of Ashdown Engineering, maker of amplifiers for legions of the world’s most famous and influential musicians. Having spent almost 20 years sculpting musical instrument tones for the world’s biggest bands, Ashdown has launched Meters Music to bring the team’s mastery of sound generation – and their cool, music-obsessed product design – to consumers who want their audio devices to reflect their passion for music.

Meters Music brings every ounce of that legacy to bear – in design, engineering and acoustic expertise – to create a unique pair of headphones that unify lifestyle and audiophile aspirations in one package. And with their sound developed by the team behind some of the world’s greatest musicians, the Meters Music OV-1s are the perfect headphones for the music lover’s lifestyle.