IGG Releases Newest Mobile Game: Blood & Blade 14

IGG Releases Newest Mobile Game: Blood & Blade

Global game developer IGG (I Got Games) announced today the Beta release of their latest mobile title called Blood & Blade, a side-scrolling action brawler available for Android devices.

Set in an early era of sea exploration and adventure, players take the role of corsairs tasked with driving out pirates, hunting down horrors of the high seas, reclaiming lost treasures and pioneering new lands. Their quest will lead them into uncovering great mysteries, earning honor, and bringing peace back to a struggling world.

Blood and Blade offers a smooth retro game style reminiscent of classic arcade games, with beautifully polished graphics and modern features that guarantees hours of gameplay. Coupled with MMO elements, players can team up to face challenged cooperatively, or even face off against each other in Arena Duels, in order to gain powerful equipment and other rare loot.

Blood and Blade features:

Classic Arcade-Style Combat – Blood & Blade brings back the classic arcade hack & slash combat you know and love! Experiment and create your own unique fighting style!
3 Classes of Corsairs – 3 character classes with hundreds of fighting styles each offer so many different ways to play! Take your time and try ’em all!
Combat Combo Chaos – Each class has an exclusive set of moves and skills. Find what works best for you as you blow your enemies away!
Duel in the Arena – You’ve mastered the story mode but how will your strategies work against real players? Only one way to find out! Can you hold your own against the best?
Strange Mysteries to Collect – Modify your character and become stronger! Discover rare equipment, jewels, pets, and more as you take on the world!

For more information or to download the game, visit the Blood & Blade Google Play page: http://bit.ly/1voIIiC