GameSir releases ultra-portable controller 26

GameSir releases ultra-portable controller

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GameSir has been pushing out mobile controller designs at a breakneck pace, and its latest offering, the GameSir X4 Aileroni, is its most portable controller yet. This Bluetooth controller breaks in half, allowing each side to attach to your phone like a telescoping gamepad without the need to plug into your phone’s USB port. Instead, it connects wirelessly for added convenience.

The compact size of the GameSir X4 Aileroni makes it ideal for travelers, although the wireless connection means it needs to be charged and may die after extended gaming sessions. Each controller has a 400mAh battery, but iPhone users can utilize a MagSafe charger to keep their phone powered while gaming. The button layout is similar to an Xbox controller, and users can customize the joysticks and d-pad with additional components included in the box.

The GameSir X4 Aileroni is priced at $99 USD (roughly $134 CAD) and offers a unique and compact gaming experience for mobile gamers. It is a versatile option for gaming on the go, providing convenience and functionality in a small package.