Fido Users Find 5G on Phones, No Plans by Rogers. 26

Fido Users Find 5G on Phones, No Plans by Rogers.

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Some Fido customers in Canada were surprised to see a 5G icon appear on their smartphones recently, sparking excitement about the possibility of 5G service being available on the popular network. A Reddit user shared on the FidoMobile subreddit that their iPhone displayed the 5G icon, indicating a connection to 5G service. Another reader from iPhone in Canada also reported seeing the 5G icon on their Fido iPhone and even conducted a speed test, though the results were disappointing with only 16.13Mbps download speed.

However, when approached for clarification, Rogers, the parent company of Fido, stated that Fido currently operates on their LTE network and there are no immediate plans to transition Fido to the 5G network. Rogers explained that occasional tests conducted on wireless sites may have led to a small number of Fido customers temporarily accessing the 5G network.

This development may disappoint Fido customers who were eagerly anticipating the introduction of 5G services. It is important to note that even if Fido were to eventually offer 5G access, it does not guarantee the availability of 5G plans. Other providers, such as Telus-owned Koodo and Public Mobile, have been known to place customers on the 5G network but cap speeds based on their existing plan. For instance, a Koodo customer with a 4G plan would only experience 4G speeds despite being connected to the 5G network.

While the prospect of 5G on Fido may not be on the immediate horizon, the recent sightings of the 5G icon on some Fido phones have certainly sparked curiosity and anticipation among users. Despite the current situation, Fido customers can continue to enjoy reliable service on the LTE network while keeping an eye out for any future updates regarding 5G availability.