Fido Offers $30/90GB, $35/100GB Plans 26

Fido Offers $30/90GB, $35/100GB Plans

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Fido, a popular flanker brand of Rogers, has recently been offering some existing customers attractive new plans at competitive prices. According to posts on the r/FidoMobile subreddit, selected customers have been receiving special deals such as a $30/month plan with 90GB of data along with 1,000 U.S. and 1,000 international long-distance minutes. Another customer shared that they were offered a $35/month plan with 100GB of data, although without the long-distance minutes.

In response to these posts, other Fido customers mentioned that they too had received similar offers, including variations like a $40/month plan with 110GB of data and bonus long-distance minutes, as well as a $45/month plan with 140GB of data specifically for Canada-U.S. usage. These new plans offer more data and additional perks compared to the standard market plans currently available from Fido.

It's important to note that Fido's data speeds are limited to 4G, as they do not offer 5G connectivity. Customers are advised to evaluate their current plans before making any changes, as upgrading to a plan with more data may not be necessary if they are not utilizing their current data allowance each month.

These special offers from Fido are competitive with plans offered by other providers such as Freedom Mobile and Public Mobile. Additionally, the deals are comparable to recent special offers from the major telecom companies in Canada.

If you are a Fido customer, it is recommended to check your account to see if you have received any special offers similar to those mentioned above. These deals could provide you with more data and benefits at a reasonable price point.