Brave Frontier Global Serves Up Christmas with Content Updates

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gumi Inc. has just released its latest content update for Brave Frontier Global Version, which will bring excitement to its fans this Christmas.

Included is the preview of the Guild Raid feature, slated for release in Spring 2017. The early preview, which is accessible from Dec 19 through Dec 27, brings players:

  • The ability to team up with fellow guild members.Form a maximum of 3 teams of 15 Summoners to collectively explore and conquer / defend outposts scattered across the land of Orebus.Each Guild Raid Team will be matched with an opponent’s team and engage in a 24-hour, asynchronous standoff. The Guild that earns the highest Brave Conquest Points (BCP) through successful conquering / defending of outposts and defeating Boss Guardians, will be the winner of the match and will receive Victory Rewards.

    Participating players will also be given Additional Participation Rewards during the Early Preview.

  • New Guild Raid Content.There are exclusive spheres, as well as the below Guild Raid unit types, which can be summoned and upgraded with Zel, Karma or Gem contributions at the Guild Research Centre:
    • Guild Raid Leaders – veteran commander units skilled in the art of war and equipped with additional Leader Skills that are activated during Guild Raids.The First Guild Raid Leader 7-Star unit, Wannahon will be available for summoning during this period.
    • Outpost and Boss Guardians – massive defense linchpins designed to hold down and protect conquered Outposts against the opponent team’s onslaught.
  • A multiplayer and strategic dimension to the game.With Guild Raid, players can interact and learn from other guild members at a shared location. Teams must also select the appropriate skills for Guardians and deploy its Action Points tactfully, with caution.

To get players in the festive mood, the following Special Festive Events and Rewards are also coming to the world of Grand Gaia:

  • Zeruiah’s re-release for Winter & her Omni Evolution unlock (from Dec 14, 07:00 PST – Dec 23, 23:59 PST)
  • “Winter Login” campaign that rewards Gems, rare items, Haido: 2016’s FREE Omni-potential Winter unit, and more! (Dec 15, 0:00 PST – Jan 13, 23:59 PST)
  • Rerun of past Holiday dungeons, Winter Glades and Glittering Wintertide
    (Dec 15, 0:00 PST – Dec 20, 23:59 PST)
  • Access to a new Winter Vortex dungeon to obtain materials to craft the new seasonal spheres and evolve Haido (Coming Soon).

For more details of the latest updates, visit & and follow Brave Frontier’s social media channels.

Brave Frontier is available for download globally on iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone devices.
Note: All dates mentioned are PST.

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