Bless Online - The Assassin Update 26

Bless Online – The Assassin Update

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With the August Assassin update only a few days away, we wanted to give you a look at what’s in store for you! In addition to the new class, the Siege of Castra and Dominion Contract/Capital War content will be available.

Assassin Class

With this next big update in the second week of August, we will be adding the Assassin class! Players of both factions will be able to play as the Assassin. On Hieron, the Habicht, Sylvan Elf, and Mascu can take on the role. On Union, the Amistad, Aqua Elf, Pantera, and Mascu are able to try their hands at assassination.

In addition to these faction and race options for the Assassin, players will be happy to know that the class is compatible with both action-targeting and tab-targeting combat modes.

This new class will have many fun new skills and stances for players to experience. Different stances encourage different styles of play, such as the Assassinate stance that increases damage dealt when the target is attacked from behind, or the Poison stance that deals additional damage to enemies afflicted with Poison or Venom! Each Assassin player will want to try a variety of tactics to see what they like the best.

Bless Online - The Assassin Update 28

The recommended equipment for Assassins will be the dagger and either Light or Medium armor. For wearing armor suitable for their class, Assassins will get certain bonuses depending on how many pieces of suitable armor they are wearing and what level they are. For example, an Assassin above level 30 who is wearing all Light armor will get bonuses to Dodge Rate, Fighting Power, Critical Hit Damage, and Critical Hit Rate.


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