Most Anticipated MMORPG in the Philippines

Yulgang 2 has been in development for several years already and made its first appearance around 2009. The first two betas showed a rough start for the title but the third beta before the end of 2012 has shown a lot of the game’s potential that brought up some hype to the Korean market. 2013 marked the Korean open beta for Yulgang 2 and has been doing very well in spite of the tight competition and on the same year was the announcement for the South East Asia publishing. It is very unusual for a big Korean MMO title to be available in the Philippines but Cubizone just made it possible.

Yulgang 2 may not be the most unique game in its generation but it has integrated a lot of game mechanics in a single game.

Yulgang 2 features an open world and non-targeting action combat. Though it has the typical Korean MMO questing system it offered a dynamic feel where you aren’t just killing monsters and submit it to the NPC but it also lets you complete certain achievements in an area to have your title which comes with some special attributes. One of the game highlights was the air sprint system which is definitely the first not only in the Philippines but in South East Asia. Yulgang 2’s air sprint is not your typical speed boost and glide but it also comes with a special attack that deals a decent amount of damage when initiated properly. The game also have its unique skill system wherein you can unlock a set of skills (tomes) and must use them as much as possible to unlock the higher tiers. The skill effects and its art style was also impressive, MGAME did a very good job on this aspect to make it look modern but still lore oriented.

The environment and overall design of the world in Yulgang 2 is fantastic, though the starting zones looks a bit redundant but you’ll appreciate it more as you progress. From its first game – Scions of Fate, Yulgang 2 also have its faction system which is bound to your character from the character creation throughout the game. Of course, Factions comes with a faction war/battle however the feature isn’t available in the closed beta, but the testers were able to experience the action having the opposing faction encounters on a neutral zone.

Overall, Yulgang 2 is the best game that the Philippines ever had and will definitely make an impact not just in the MMO scene in the Philippines but in the South East Asia as well this 2014.

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    Jan 6, 2014 @ 16:14 pm

    Yulgang is A JOKE with its gameplay and style i can see a lot of 10yr old kid on any computer cafe playing this “immature” game

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