Age of Wushu Dynasty to Launch in January 2016 18

Age of Wushu Dynasty to Launch in January 2016

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Mobile developer and publisher Snail Games has announced that the first global release for mobile martial arts RPG  Age of Wushu Dynasty will be live in January 2016. The Beta tests for  Age of Wushu Dynasty, held on TestFlight and Google Play for iOS and Android respectively, recently concluded, garnering high praise and interest among numerous fans.

Your Dynasty Begins Soon
Based on elements of traditional Chinese martial arts and Snail’s existing PC MMO Age of Wushu,  Age of Wushu Dynasty presents an open world environment known as “Jianghu” in which kung fu masters from various schools battle to establish their own dynasty. Players in the recent beta tests have already experienced the game’s authentic Chinese martial arts and unique mobile MMO gameplay firsthand.

AoWD's global release version will continue to optimize and improve upon the game's core features and systems, including:

  • Four schools for players to choose from, each featuring a unique martial arts style
  • An immersive, living Chinese martial arts fantasy-themed open world
  • Refinements of vivid scenery based on real historic locations
  • Bug fixes in real-time PvP and Co-op combat systems
  • Continued localization optimization

To learn more about  Age of Wushu Dynasty and stay up-to-date with the latest game news, please visit the official website: