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Yoga Retreat


Gajatri Studios, an independent and innovative social games development studio, have today revealed further details on their debut title, Yoga Retreat,officially releasing on Facebook week commencing August 6th.

The first social management game derived from authentic well-being and yoga content, Yoga Retreat tasks players with building the perfect idyllic virtual yoga retreat for their digital customers by completing quests and building additional facilities including a Steam Room, Juice Bar and Beach. They must also ensure their retreat is constantly maintained as items such as mats wear out over time.

Once built, the Beach area of player’s resorts unlocks the more relaxing yoga moves that can be taught to resort customers that in turn deliver high rewards.

Yoga Retreat 5

Yoga Retreat also features a collectible component via the Juice Bar with players being able to harvest a variety of healthy ingredients from their retreat, but with other ingredients only being available from the resorts of their Yoga Retreat playing friends. Players can then combine the ingredients they have collected to make juices that will help cure the ailments of their customers.

And introducing Yoga Cat! This in-game feline character appears at various points throughout the game to show players how to make their Yoga Retreat gaming session healthier and more relaxing through some simple exercises for neck, shoulders and spine while seated at their chair.