Virgin Plus reverses $5/mo. hike on 4G plans 26

Virgin Plus reverses $5/mo. hike on 4G plans

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Bell’s Virgin Plus has rolled back price increases that hit several of its 4G plans last week. A report highlighted that Virgin increased the cost of most of its 4G plans by about $5/mo. However, a recent change to the provider’s website has returned the plans to their previous prices, or even reduced them slightly.

The updated prices for Virgin's 4G plans are as follows:
– $49/60GB (previously $54)
– $44/50GB (previously $49)
– $39/40GB (previously $44)
– $34/20GB (previously $39)

It’s important to note that the $49/60GB plan initially cost $50 before the price hike. Similarly, the $34/20GB plan, which previously required a $5/mo credit to get the $34 price, no longer has that requirement. Despite these changes, Virgin’s $65/75GB 5G plan remains unaffected.

All of Virgin’s 4G plans still come with a data speed cap of 150Mbps, a streaming video quality cap of 480p, and features like unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited international texting (sent from Canada).

While the reversal of the price hike is a positive development, Virgin's plans continue to be priced higher compared to alternatives. Freedom and Public, for instance, still offer better value options with $34/50GB plans that include 5G data and Canada/U.S. usage.

Interested individuals can view Virgin’s plans on their website.