Toronto's Capybara returns with Battle Vision Network 26

Toronto’s Capybara returns with Battle Vision Network

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Toronto-based indie developer Capybara Games has returned with a new game called Battle Vision Network, a spiritual successor to Clash of Heroes. Revealed during the Summer Game Fest Day of the Devs indie stream, Battle Vision Network is a PvP puzzle-battler that combines color-matching gameplay with turn-based combat. Players will create attackers and defenders by forming vertical and horizontal color formations, recruiting new units with unique abilities as they progress.

Game director Dan Vader, who also worked on Clash of Heroes, explained that the team wanted to revisit their design from Clash of Heroes and come up with new ideas. They decided to move away from the fantasy genre and explore a colorful sci-fi premise inspired by a sci-fi Olympic Games-style event with a Eurovision-inspired vibe. This led to the creation of Battle Vision Network, where competitors from different parts of the galaxy come together for a vibrant spectacle.

One of the key differences between Clash of Heroes and Battle Vision Network is the inclusion of regular post-launch seasonal content updates for the latter. With promises of new characters, quests, modes, and more, Capybara aims to keep evolving the game over time. The subscription-based model, with the game available on Netflix Games for mobile and PC, allows Capybara to focus on creating a creative game without the constraints of monetization found in the mobile market.

Events like Day of the Devs help shine a spotlight on indie developers like Capybara, based in Toronto, showcasing their talent and creativity to a wider audience. Vader expressed the importance of highlighting developers' work to inspire the next generation and shed light on the thriving Canadian game development industry. As Battle Vision Network gears up for its release next year, the team is excited to continue adding new and ridiculous elements to the game, including nods to their Canadian roots.