Tesla Powerwall 3 now in Canada 26

Tesla Powerwall 3 now in Canada

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Canadians can now get Tesla’s Powerwall for just over $10,000.

Tesla announced Canadian availability of the Powerwall 3 earlier this week. The EV maker’s website lists pricing starting at $10,794 for one Powerwall. However, you also need a Gateway, which costs $1,165.

Two Powerwalls will run you $21,588, while three cost $32,382.

Notably, those prices don’t include tax, delivery, installation, or other costs and fees. To get a final price, you’ll need to hear from a Tesla Certified Installer. So, to actually buy a Powerwall, you’ll need to go to Tesla’s website, fill out the form, and wait for someone to contact you.

The Powerwall, for those unfamiliar with the product, is basically a giant battery hooked up to your home. It’s intended to store excess energy generated by things like solar panels and store it for use when there isn’t solar, such as at night. It can also store energy from the grid for use in power outages, a helpful addition for anyone living in an area with frequent outages.

Powerwall owners can use the Tesla app to remotely manage energy storage and control the device.

Learn more about Tesla Powerwall 3 on their website.