The Tamer Awakens in Black Desert Online 9

The Tamer Awakens in Black Desert Online

This week, the gift of Awakening is bestowed upon the Tamer, a sword-wielding melee class that fights side by side with the black wolf Heilang. Tamers across the world of Black Desert can now swap to the new Celestial Bo Staff and enjoy increased mobility while retaining Heilang’s skills and defensive powers.

The Celestial Bo Staff allows Tamers to more easily target small groups or lone opponents with high damage, expanding their skill set in one-on-one combat. But Tamers also have new tricks up their sleeves against large groups of enemies: sweeping area of effect attacks now knock back foes, sending them sprawling to the ground and leaving them wide open for an even stronger follow-up attack.


We’re excited to see Tamers battle with brand new combinations using their Awakening weapon in conjunction with Heilang and their sword. Keep tuned for the next class Awakening in two weeks!