Taichi Panda: Vengeance Update 13

Taichi Panda: Vengeance Update

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Mobile dungeon crawler RPG Taichi Panda from developer Snail Games has received its latest update today – the Vengeance Update. This major content update includes a new hero, a new team instance, new pets, and more.

Avenge Lost Allies, Defeat New Enemies

The new Vengeance Update will include a number of new features, bug fixes and optimizations to core game mechanics, including:

  • New playable hero: Avenger
  • Two new pets: Demoness and Sword Master
  • New mount: Dragon Soul
  • New equipment including the Titan Set and Golden Outfits
  • New Team Instance: Nightmare Jungle
  • Reset function added to current Clan System
  • New Pet Enhancement: Panda Swordsman
  • Optimizations and bug fixes to the existing game

To learn more about the Vengeance Update and the new features, please visit the Official Website: http://panda.snail.com/en/

Along with the announcement, Snail has also released a new official trailer showcasing new features introduced in the Vengeance Update:

The Vengeance Update is available as an app store download. Players can download the pack and install it directly to upgrade their existing Taichi Panda application.

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