Taichi Panda: Heroes gets Bloodied Blade Update 15

Taichi Panda: Heroes gets Bloodied Blade Update

Mobile Action RPG Taichi Panda Heroes from developer Snail Games, receives a major update today – the Bloodied Blade Update. The new update introduces a brand new hero, two new mounts, new franchised Christmas main city, UI, titles, as well as other additions and optimizations. This update offers many more Christmas-related features to celebrate the traditions with our fans. Also, the enrichment of new content has built upon the core mechanics, extended the multiplayer feature of this title, thus driving the game’s popularity.

Happy Holidays from the Heroes of the Nozwot Mainland!

The Bloodied Blade Update includes a number of new game features, as well as bug fixes and optimizations to game mechanics, including:

  1. New Franchised Christmas Main City, UI, Titles
  2. New Hero: Godric
  3. New Outfit Disassembling Feature
  4. Christmas Gift Pack
  5. New Mounts: Arachnon 3000 and War Rhino
  6. New Outfits: Godric, Orchid, Sun Wukong and Claudius
  7. New 16th Chapter and Plot Quest and Daily Quest
  8. New Talisman System
  9. Godric Reforming and Selling in Belt
  10. Times Reset for Trove and Timed Trove
  11. Level Limit Upgraded to 100 for Team, Heroes, Mounts and Skills
  12. Equipment Fortify Limit Upgraded to 200
  13. Optimizations and Bug Fixes to Existing Systems

To learn more about Taichi Panda: Heroes – Bloodied Blade Update and its new features, please visit our official web page: http://panda2.snail.com/en/

Along with the announcement, Snail has also released a new official trailer showcasing some of the exciting features fans can expect in the new update:

The update is now available in AppStore, GooglePlay, and Amazon. Players can download the pack and install it directly to upgrade their existing Taichi Panda: Heroes application.

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