Report: Pixel 9 series to feature ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. 26

Report: Pixel 9 series to feature ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

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Google's upcoming Pixel 9 series is set to come equipped with a significant upgrade in the form of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, as reported by Android Authority. The new devices will feature Qualcomm's 3D Sonic Gen 2 sensor, similar to the one found in Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra, replacing the optical sensor used in the previous Pixel 6 series.

The shift to an ultrasonic sensor is expected to enhance the unlock experience on the Pixel 9 series, offering faster and more accurate results compared to optical sensors. Unlike optical sensors, ultrasonic sensors are less affected by dirt or moisture and do not require adequate lighting to function properly. This means users will no longer have to deal with the bright light emitted by the optical sensor when trying to unlock their phones in the dark.

The improved ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is likely to make unlocking the Pixel 9 series much easier and more convenient. It's important to note that the upcoming Pixel Fold will not feature an ultrasonic sensor, as its fingerprint sensor is integrated into the power button instead of being placed under the display like other smartphones.

Overall, the adoption of an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor in the Pixel 9 series is a positive step towards enhancing the user experience and making the devices more user-friendly and efficient.

Source: Android Authority.