Quebecor fulfills Freedom acquisition commitments, price freeze. 26

Quebecor fulfills Freedom acquisition commitments, price freeze.

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Quebecor has announced that it has successfully met all nine commitments related to its acquisition of Freedom Mobile. The company submitted a detailed progress report to Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) on July 3rd, outlining its adherence to the acquisition requirements.

One of the key commitments highlighted by Quebecor was the Mobility Price Freeze Guarantee, which ensured that wireless prices remained constant for all current and future Freedom customers. In addition to this, the company extended Freedom Mobile and Fizz services to new markets such as Manitoba and introduced low-cost 5G plans.

Quebecor emphasized its efforts to promote competition and lower wireless prices by offering affordable wireless packages. The company stated that these initiatives were instrumental in the significant 26.6% reduction in the wireless component of the Consumer Price Index in the year following the acquisition of Freedom Mobile.

The comprehensive progress report also addressed commitments related to preserving jobs, making investments, and harmonizing mobile plans. Quebecor's commitment to fulfilling these obligations demonstrates its dedication to enhancing the wireless market and providing value to customers.

For more information on Quebecor's fulfillment of the Freedom Mobile acquisition commitments, the full report can be found on their website.