Celebrate Halloween on a Different Planet with Project Genom 4

Celebrate Halloween on a Different Planet with Project Genom


What if the wonderful Halloween feast comes and you're already surrounded by monsters on an alien planet? The answer is simple: put on your best suit, go outside and show the inhabitants of this planet what the real horror is! Unique armor and rifle skins, as well as a magnificent skull helmet, available for all players, will certainly prove useful. Where can you get these items? To support the mood of the beautiful “Saw” franchise we decided to hide them inside different creatures. An alien spy, a red shrimp, a running box with legs — find them, destroy, search the intestines and get yourself a great holiday outfit! Which is more, we could not leave the Ark unattended so we came up with a special festive decoration.

Happy Halloween!

Sci-fi MMORPG Project Genom is an online game in which you will join the human race in their struggle for survival. When the humankind destroyed their home planet, it has found a new home and a seemingly happy life on Avalon. But people were not the only ones to set sights on these lands. Why was this planet so attractive for a mysterious race of Almer? The more advanced, stronger and more united, they win all battles against human forces on all fronts. It would seem that there is no hope, but new time always gives the world new heroes. Become one of them! Protect your race and its ideals, and feel absolutely new power given to humankind by the Project Genom!