Phil Spencer: Xbox needs a handheld. 26

Phil Spencer: Xbox needs a handheld.

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Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, recently hinted at the possibility of Xbox entering the handheld gaming market. In an interview with IGN after the Xbox Games Showcase, Spencer expressed his belief that Xbox should have a handheld device in addition to their console lineup.

While the focus of the Games Showcase was on upcoming titles, Spencer teased that more information about the Xbox platform would be revealed in the future. He highlighted the exciting work being done by the team on different form factors and ways to play, hinting at innovative hardware developments on the horizon.

Unlike PlayStation's portable offering, which only allows game streaming, Spencer suggested that Xbox's handheld would support local gameplay. He emphasized the importance of being able to play games directly on a handheld device, citing his own enjoyment of devices like the ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and Steam Deck.

Speculation suggests that the Xbox handheld could be Windows-based, incorporating the Xbox dashboard and allowing players to access and play Xbox games on the go. This would open up new possibilities for gamers who enjoy titles on Xbox Game Pass, as well as Steam games.

Overall, fans of the Xbox ecosystem have reason to be excited about the potential for a handheld device in the future, based on Phil Spencer's comments about the team's work on expanding the ways players can engage with their favorite games.