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Nintendo Switch Review

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After the long wait, finally the much anticipated and hyped Nintendo Switch is here. Boasting a premium hardware finish and hybrid design, Nintendo switch is something that will really please a gamer. With this next generation gaming console, you get a chance to experience both console gaming and on the go gaming in a single device. Let’s look at its review to find out what are the exciting things Nintendo Switch comes up with.

Nintendo switch comes with a lot of things in the box. You will get an amazing rectangular cardboard box with dock, Joy Con controllers with Nintendo Switch. Inside the box you will find right and left joy controllers with color of Neon Blue and Red or the gray pair whichever you prefer.

The left compartment of tray consists of Nintendo Switch adaptor, HDMI cable and instruction manual. In the center you will be able to see the controller and two wrist straps and on the right side you will see the cables, adaptor, dock and grip inside the plastic baggies.

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One of the amazing facts about Nintendo switch is that it is not like any other console. The fact that it is designed to play for both TV and handheld mode is what is really exciting thing about this device. In the TV mode, you need to use the docking to turn it into console to play on TV. Other modes available to play are a tabletop and handheld mode which gives you more flexibility compared to other consoles in the market.

It is a hybrid device that allows you switch the display between tablet screen and TV without losing the game or pause it if you want. In terms of design, it is extremely pleasing in terms of look and even the hardware quality is extremely good to use. The joy-con controllers are actually very impressing in terms of built and design with boasting the high level of precision.

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Nintendo switch is available at a reasonable price on most of the prominent online websites such as Amazon. You can buy this device from official store of Nintendo at £279 and in US at $299. The overall price is really good considering the fact quality of console is good and you get a really impressive price and lot of items in the box.

You get a box containing controllers, joy-con grip, HDMI cable, AC adapter, wrist straps, dock and main console to connect. For some people, it may sound disappointing that you need to pay an additional £74 to get an additional pair of controllers but the overall price of additional items in the accessory is less and under limit.

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In terms of design and quality, Nintendo switch is a versatile gaming platform that easily lets you switch from small screen to big screen. Its controllers are really inventive and boosts with high level technology. Nintendo switch is having pleasing weight and robust design and the entire hardware gives you a great experience and lets you feel substantial. One of the most played games on Nintendo switch is Breath of the Wild and it really lets you immerse completely in the world of gaming.

In terms of performance, there are not much lags experienced while playing high quality and high definition games. The system works well while playing in hand and also while playing it over TV. The dock is made of plastic and having lots of good functions and design. It may look sturdy but having good grip while playing. Undoubtedly, Nintendo switch is a high performance device that is fully equipped with latest technology, sound, gameplay, video quality and design.

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Let’s look at the key features of Nintendo Switch

  • Versatile: The novel design of Nintendo switch console is that it consists of flawless design and easy to switch option available that allows you to use it in different modes such as TV mode and handheld mode.
  • Operating system: Another critical aspect of this device is that it has easy to resume gameplay easily at any time from sleep within sometime. You don’t have to wait for long time in powering down the device and switching it on.
  • Screen capturing: the device allows you to take a quick and easy screenshot of the gaming screen using dedicated capture button. You can easily use the switch using twitter and Facebook account and share it anytime easily. There is another option of video recording available as well along with the device.
  • Local multiplayer: the Nintendo switch allows you to connect 8 tablet devices and make a multiplayer. This is the tested limit of Nintendo switch.
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The Nintendo switch main console is powered with a customized Nvidia Tegra Chip boasting 6.2 inches touchscreen tablet and 720p high definition. Once you have docked it to TV, it can produce a video quality of 1080 pixel HD. The console can be connected in stereo sound using onboard speakers and wired headphones along with 5.1 surround sound using the dock connected to TV.

 On the left of the dock you will be able to see two 3-ports USB and there is one USB port available behind the connection panel. You can use USB power port and HDMI port as well. The console is having storage of 32GB out of which 26 GB will be available to store. You can expand the storage to up to 2 TB using micro SD cards inside the slot available behind the tablet stand. You can easily download Breath of the Wild game and start experiencing this amazing console.

Nintendo Switch is a really impressive piece of hardware with solid design and unique gaming experience in small tablet. You get a good bunch of high quality hardware at a good reasonable price boasting versatile gameplay, hybrid design and high quality features. The big takeaway from Nintendo switch is that it is undoubtedly one of the hot selling devices in 2017 and really delivers the key features and fulfils all expectations. If you are looking to buy a console then surely it is a good buy at this price range.

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Nintendo Switch Review
Nintendo Switch is a really impressive piece of hardware with solid design and unique gaming experience in small tablet. You get a good bunch of high quality hardware at a good reasonable price boasting versatile gameplay, hybrid design and high quality features.