Koodo's Special Plans: $30/60GB, $35/65GB, $40/70GB 26

Koodo’s Special Plans: $30/60GB, $35/65GB, $40/70GB

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Telus-owned Koodo has surprised some of its existing customers with exclusive offers for discounted mobile plans. Some lucky customers have reported seeing special deals on their Self Serve portal, offering $30/60GB, $35/65GB, and $40/70GB plans. These plans come with 4G data capped at 100Mbps, unlimited Canada-wide calling and texting, and a free perk option.

According to posts on the r/Koodo subreddit, not all customers are seeing these offers, suggesting that eligibility may depend on various factors such as plan pricing. Some users with plans priced above $40 have not received any special offers. It appears that these deals are only available for a limited time, so customers are encouraged to check their Self Serve portal on the Koodo website to see if they qualify for any of these discounted plans.

Overall, it seems that these exclusive offers vary from customer to customer, with some benefiting from significant savings on their monthly mobile bills. For those in Canada looking for a better deal on their mobile plan, it's worth checking with Koodo to see if they are eligible for these special offers.