Knight's Fable Gift Code Giveaway 12

Knight’s Fable Gift Code Giveaway

We have partnered up with GTArcade, the developer of Knight’s Fable to giveaway 1000 gift codes that contains Bag of Silver, Cards of Wisdom and Lesser EXP Flask.

The Gift Code will allow you to claim the following:
1. Bag of Silver x 1 (50,000 Silver)
2. Cards of Wisdom x 1 (5,000 Wisdom)
3. Lesser EXP Flask x 1

How to Redeem Your Item Key
1. Get your Code
2. Sign up and create a character in the game.
3. Click the Event icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
4. Choose Gift Exchange in the event list to the left, click “Collect” button and enter the code.
5. The gift will be delivered to your inventory right away.

1. Each account can only collect 1 code.
2. Codes are to be redeemed in game.
3. Each code can only be used once.

get your key

684 keys left!