Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review

In a mysterious world with appealing scenery, Kena: Bridge of Spirits provides a rich and amusing gameplay experience. With its Pixar-like animation, this game introduces attractive and cute characters to combine throughout the journey. There are tons of places to explore, stories to reveal, and most importantly, spirits to save. The variety of gameplay styles, including platforming, puzzle-solving, and action combat makes boredom an impossibility in this game.

The game is set in a stunning world, with plenty of challenging fights and puzzles delightful to solve. Kena is the protagonist character, she is the spirit guide who saves the corrupted spirits and fights monsters across the world. Her main weapon is the staff which can be refined as she progresses in the game. There are also those cute, furry pals known as Rots, who become good buddies that offer great aid to Kena, as they can help gather collectibles and distract enemies during fights. The setting encourages exploration in the semi-open space of the village, and the platforming element offers a joyful value in the gameplay. The jumping and climbing mechanisms lever the level of amusement, and the existence of shrines and puzzles adds the core element of Zelda games. The variety of this game makes it lack boring repetition.

The adventure is set in a breathtaking open world of fantastic landscapes and pleasant scenery. The indie studio did really great with the animation and visuals, with the cut scenes that seem as if they were from a Pixar animated film. The characters are well-designed and animated and their vivid facial expressions make them look as if they were actually alive, especially the cute furry Rots. Even though the world is filled with appealing beauty, its light design shows the dark side of it to complete the sense of the story. The rich light design of the weapons though, adds a satisfying visualization as it fits and balances the darkness of the setting. All of this is combined with a distinctive soundtrack featuring traditional Balinese music.

In the game’s action combat system, Kena fights with the staff as her main weapon. She melees attacks monsters with multiple abilities, including heavy and light attacks. The staff can be enhanced and more abilities can be discovered as the game progresses. The cute fluffy dudes, aka Rots, are of great assistance as they can sniff out collectibles to buy cosmetics, help to solve puzzles and knock out corrupted spirits. They lock down or distract enemies to help the player attack weak points, or clear up weaker monsters to focus on stronger ones. The puzzles of the game lie in the shrines and are of delightful ease to balance with the challenging combats, and actually, overthinking them might make them more difficult. They mostly reward with observation skills. The platforming element is similar to one of Ratchet and Clank’s games. The player can discover new ways and places in the world with the use of weapons so they can jump and climb before getting back to their previous stats. The jumping and climbing mechanisms are similar to those of Uncharted and the Tomb Raider, which encourages exploration to unfold the mysteries of the game.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits excels at providing players an immersive gameplay experience with various elements of visualization, and outstanding art style. In addition to the amazing scenery, the combination of different gameplay styles and easy-to-use UI has boosted its entertaining value. The devs definitely succeeded at merging factors of enjoyment inspired by many other well-known video games that gamers already know and love. The ability to take photos and get cosmetics to the adorable Rots, in addition to discovering untold stories and mysteries the game is filled with makes it worth playing again. It’s simply a 10 out of 10, and we highly recommend playing it.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Review