June security update now available for Pixel owners. 26

June security update now available for Pixel owners.

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Pixel phone users in Canada are strongly advised to update their device immediately to address a critical security issue. According to reports from Bleeping Computer, the June security patch for Pixel phones includes fixes for 50 vulnerabilities, one of which is a high-severity flaw (CVE-2024-32896) that has already been exploited in targeted attacks.

Google has urged all users of supported Google devices to accept the June 2024 security update, which contains fixes for these vulnerabilities. It is crucial for Pixel owners to stay updated with the latest security patches to protect their devices and personal information from potential threats.

GrapheneOS, a security-focused version of Android, has also highlighted that the security issue (CVE-2024-32896) is not limited to Pixel devices and affects all Android devices. The fix for this vulnerability will be included in the Android 15 update, which means that devices not receiving this update may be left vulnerable to exploitation.

While the fix may eventually be available for other Android devices with the Android 15 update, Pixel owners should prioritize installing the June 2024 security patch as soon as possible to safeguard their devices. It is essential for users to regularly check for updates and install them promptly to ensure the security and integrity of their devices.

Stay informed and protected by following official announcements from Google and other reputable sources regarding security updates for Pixel devices. Update your Pixel phone today to stay ahead of potential security threats and keep your device secure.