Green Dragon Screenshot 1
Green Dragon Screenshot 1

Green Dragon Nest Challenge Round 2

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Teamwork just got more rewarding than ever… a cool five digit figure to be exact. From 6 March to 6 April, Dragon Nest SEA will be entering its second round of the Green Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Time Attack Challenge, where the fastest team to bring down the vicious monster gets to pocket SGD$20,000.00 in cold hard cash (approx. USD16,000.00).

Dragon Nest, the World’s No. 1 MO action RPG is published by gaming giant Shanda Games International and channeled by Cherry Credits. Encouraged by the huge success and warm response of the Sea Dragon Nest Time Attack Challenge held last year, Shanda Games is organizing the Green Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Time Attack Challenge this year, raising the stakes with its current most powerful monster in the most difficult mode.

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The Green Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Time Attack Challenge started on 5 February 2013, and is split into two rounds with a juicy cash prize of SGD$10,000 per round, for the team with the fastest cleared timing. The first round kicked off on 5 February 2013 – 5 March 2013 with no willing team submissions thus snowballing the prize money into a whooping SGD$20,000 into the second round challenge from 6 March 2013 – 6 April 2013.
The Green Dragon Nest is currently the game’s toughest dungeon raid, open to players who are level 50 and in a party team of five to eight. Players may choose from Practice, Easy, Normal and Hardcore modes. Selecting the latter means players have merely 40 minutes to defeat the Green Dragon in its full wrath to successfully clear the dungeon stage.

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“We value teamwork and this is what we are promoting,” says Mr Addison Kang, Vice-President and Producer of Shanda Games International. “The Green Dragon Nest (Hardcore) Time Attack Challenge will push players to a whole new level of team play; great discipline and teamwork is more crucial than ever. Putting a cherry on top of the cake simply pumps more adrenaline into the game. The team who successfully wins this Time Attack Challenge will not only achieve monetary gains for their future endeavors, but also these valuable lessons in life.”