Galaxy AI coming to Samsung's 2024 foldables 26

Galaxy AI coming to Samsung’s 2024 foldables

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Samsung is gearing up to unveil its latest lineup of foldable smartphones at an upcoming Unpacked event, with much anticipation surrounding the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6. However, one of the most exciting aspects of these new devices is the integration of Galaxy AI technology.

In a recent press release, Samsung announced its plans to optimize the Galaxy AI experience specifically for its 2024 foldable smartphones. Describing the foldables as the most versatile and flexible form factor in the Galaxy lineup, Samsung emphasized that the combination of Galaxy AI with these devices will unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for users.

Galaxy AI encompasses a range of on-device and cloud-based AI features that were initially introduced with the S24 series. These features include ‘Chat Assist,' ‘Live Translate,' ‘Note Assist,' ‘Circle to Search,' ‘Transcript Assist,' ‘Generative Edit,' ‘Instant Slow-mo,' and more. This integration of AI technology is set to revolutionize the user experience on Samsung's foldable smartphones.

It is important to note that Samsung plans to introduce a cost for Galaxy AI by the end of 2025, indicating the value and potential of this technology. For those interested in exploring the capabilities of Galaxy AI further, referring to reviews of devices like the Galaxy S24 Ultra can provide valuable insights.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Z Flip 6 will make their debut at an Unpacked event in July, further fueling excitement for the combination of innovative foldable design and advanced AI technology. As Samsung continues to push boundaries in the smartphone market, the integration of Galaxy AI into its foldable lineup represents a significant step towards enhancing user experiences and unlocking new possibilities in the digital realm.