Fido offers $29/50GB win-back deal to select customers. 26

Fido offers $29/50GB win-back deal to select customers.

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Rogers flanker brand Fido is making a bold move to attract former customers back into the fold with a special $29/50GB win-back deal. This enticing offer has been extended to select individuals via email, including some previous customers who may be looking to rejoin the Fido family.

While this deal may not be as generous as the $30/90GB and higher plans offered to existing customers, the $29/50GB option is still a solid choice. The plan comes with a 24-month duration and includes a $20 monthly bill credit, essentially reducing the price from the standard $49/50GB rate. It's a savvy way for Fido to entice customers back with a discounted rate while still maintaining some profitability.

Customers opting for this deal will enjoy 50GB of data at 4G speeds, up to 150Mbps. It's important to note that this offer requires customers to bring their own phones, and there is a $60 activation fee that will be credited back to the customer's third bill along with the $20 bill credit.

To take advantage of this limited-time offer, customers must act before July 4th and use the promo code provided in the email. It's also necessary to register and activate with the phone number previously associated with Fido to qualify for the deal.

For those who have been previous Fido customers, this win-back offer presents a valuable opportunity to secure a discounted plan with ample data. If you've received an email from Fido with this special promotion, it's worth considering whether this deal aligns with your mobile needs and budget.