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Far Cry New Dawn Review

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Far Cry New Dawn is damn good considering the fact that the team did it for a very little time. As we are all aware that Far Cry 5 was such a big hit and that no one actually believed that a sequel will be released much sooner. Comparing it to Far Cry 5, New Dawn is much smaller but intriguing. I think that's what makes it even more interesting. The beginning of the narrative that brings Far Cry 5 to an end and starts with a new dawn.

Do you remember that Far Cry 5 ended with a huge explosion with nuclear bombs going off all over? and that only you and your friends find an escape in a bunker? Far Cry: New Dawn begins its story from the Hope County after almost 18 years when the bombs went off. People who escaped the explosion lived underground for years and even started to build a peaceful community of survivors. You won't also find near the county the terror group of Joseph Seed and the Project at Eden’s gate . Not until trouble began with the arrival in the name of Highwaymen, a group of dangerous bandits. The group was led by twins Micky and Lou.

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The Story

In a bid to rebuild her home and defend the community against the group of bandits, Carmina Rye ventures out to seek the help of Thomas Rush and the Captain (your character in the game), who are busy assisting the United States in bringing peace and rebuilding homes across the West till the East. Things get worse when the Highwaymen destroy a train carrying men working for Thomas. But somehow Carmina, Thomas, Captain and Garret survives the attack and plan to take down the group of bandits on their own.

The Story of Far Cry New Dawn is really interesting. It captivates your attention even though sometimes you can easily predict what’s going to happen next. There are surprise elements that will appear every now and then to fascinate you. Some of it are the sudden appearance of Joseph Seed and his faction, Project at Eden’s Gate Cult. For the sake of the suspense aspect of the story, it is not fair to reveal the story behind how they help with Carmina and the Captain in defeating the Highwaymen. Mickey and Lou, the twins leading the Highwaymen have really succeeded in showing how heartless they are when they literally laugh their hearts out even while killing and torturing people.

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Gameplay is a lot similar to other Far cry games. You roam around the world and you kill enemies that pose a threat to your community. In New Dawn, you are led into the mission of destroying the Highwaymen and saving the Hope County from danger. Apart from fighting enemies, you are also tasked with rebuilding your community of Prosperity. Note that ethanol is essential for building and upgrading Prosperity. You need to make plans to target outposts and ethanol carrying trucks belonging to the Highwaymen. Ethanol is the major source in this world. If you need to upgrade your base Prosperity, then you need lots of ethanol. Once you upgrade the base, you will gain access to medkits to regenerate your health. By then, you can craft better weapons by upgrading your workbench.

Yes, in Far Cry New Dawn, you will gain access to higher grade weapons when you move up the levels. Ethanol is really important in your quests. As when you go through higher levels, you will encounter dangerous and higher ranked enemies. They will be very difficult to defeat because they have higher ranked weapons. It's also quite difficult to gain access to ethanol as you need to defeat the Highwaymen guarding the posts.

In New Dawn, you also gain access to superhuman powers. It can make you turn invisible or even gain super-fast running ability and immaculate strength. With these superpowers, you can surprise the enemies big time. You can defeat the heavily armored with just your bare fists. But you will get these superpowers in the later stages of the game. This is where you’ll be equipped with elite weapons needed to defeat higher ranked enemies.

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Another interesting aspect about Far Cry New Dawn? It's the expeditions that you can carry out to various locales that gives you an opportunity to see how the world around has changed after the collapse. With the help of your helicopter pilot friend Roger, you can fly around every other location in the US. That also gives you an opportunity to build on your supplies. But one thing I noticed with the game is that the fall damage is too severe that even if you fall from a small height the damage is quite a lot. Sometimes, you can see civilians and NPCs getting in the way of your gunfights with your enemies. But overall, the gameplay is excellent and has everything you would expect in a Far Cry game. Hence, the fans of Far Cry game would not be disappointed.

Even though Far Cry 5 was a big success, many felt that the Far Cry franchise is coming up with the same kind of concept again and again and even uninspiring at times. But the franchise has answered their critics with the launch of Far Cry New Dawn that brings together a new lease of life to the game with new expeditions, replayable outposts and tiered weapons.

Even though there is a lot of similarities with Far Cry 5, the small tweaks here and there make New Dawn much interesting and keeps you at the edge of the seat most of the time. The game is small when compared to FC5, but still you have got a lot to do, explore a lot of places and also tasked with rebuilding your base etc. Overall, the developers had made sure there is never a dull moment in the game.

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Far Cry New Dawn Review
The game is small when compared to FC5, but still you have got a lot to do, explore a lot of places and also tasked with rebuilding your base etc. Overall, the developers had made sure there is never a dull moment in the game.
Never a dull moment
Smaller compared to previous game
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