Echo of Soul: Beta Start Date & Founders Packs Revealed 9

Echo of Soul: Beta Start Date & Founders Packs Revealed

Echo of Soul, the upcoming free-to-play fantasy MMORPG, announced today that its Closed Beta phase will kick off on May 4! To celebrate, publisher Aeria Games has launched the Echo of Soul Founder’s Pack program, giving players guaranteed first access to the game when Closed Beta starts, in addition to exclusive items and the chance to secure their name before Open Beta launches. Players can grab a Founder’s Pack on the Echo of Soul website today to ensure first access to the Closed Beta on May 4. Interested fans who have signed up for beta access on will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the Closed Beta phase.

Echo of Soul Founder’s Pack options include:

  • Starter Pack: No Soulkeeper should embark on their adventure without some must-have essentials! This Pack offers guaranteed early access to the Closed Beta, a chance to reserve a character name early on, and key items such as the Magic Lamp.

  • Apparel Packs: Look stylish, well-armored, majestic — or all of the above! Each class in Echo of Soul has their own exclusive Apparel Pack that can’t be found anywhere else, which includes an exclusive pet and other goodies.

  • Companion Pack: A Soulkeeper’s journey is not an easy one. Be prepared to travel far and wide and recruit a fearless, noble steed to help along the journey. This Pack contains the epic, exclusive Golden Tiger mount, the Baby Brown Llama pet, and a hefty amount of Silver, potions and other important items.

  • Dungeon Pack: The ultimate adventure starts here. Players can explore lost dungeons, test their mettle as a tomb raider, and discover treasures beyond imagination. The Dungeon Pack contains, among other useful consumables, 20 dungeon tickets for players to enter dungeons more often and collect more awesome loot!

“We are very excited to offer these great Founder’s Packs to MMO gamers who are ready to jump into Echo of Soul,” says Tom Nichols, Vice President of PC Games at Aeria Games. “Our Founders will not only get guaranteed early access so they can get a chance to tackle the game before anyone else, but also exciting items, bonuses, and other perks.”

Aeria Games will be holding a special Echo of Soul live stream on April 24, 1-3PM EST. Fans can tune in to get a sneak peek at the game and have their questions answered prior to the launch of the Closed Beta. The live stream will be available on the Echo of Soul Twitch channel.

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