Dungeon Striker
Dungeon Striker

Dungeon Striker invades Taiwan

With its partnership with GameFlier (CEO Young-il Lim, www.gameflier.com) in Taiwan, Eyedentity Games, Inc. (CEO Dong-hae Jeon, www.eyedentitygames.com) will begin its foray into the Taiwanese market.

On February 7th, Eyedentity Games announced that the publishing deal for its new online action MORPG game, Dungeon Striker, has been agreed with GameFlier, Taiwan’s biggest game publisher.

With this partnership, Eyedentity Games will service Dungeon Striker in Taiwan, Hong Kong and, Macau, via GameFlier’s publishing channel. Moreover, the two companies agreed on further collaborations in localization work, technical support, and other areas.
Eyedentity Games, already recorded 10 Million active users around the world with its first MORPG title ‘Dragon Nest’, now has more presence in global markets with this deal, which further adds Taiwan to its service regions, following the publishing deal with NHN Japan for Dungeon Striker in Japan last October.

Established in 2002, GameFlier is a major Taiwan game publisher with 8 million users, and operates the biggest game service portal site in Taiwan, GF Station, and currently offers Korean online games such as Ragnarok and Audition2.

“With the renowned publishing management skills of GameFlier, Dungeon Striker will surely bring new sensation to the Taiwan gaming market. Eyedentity Games will invest all efforts necessary for users in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau to comfortably adopt and enjoy the game”, said Dong-hae Jeon, CEO of Eyedentity Games.

“We’re pleased to service a game with a high expectation from both users and critics. We will cooperate with talented people at Eyedentity Games to provide flawless localization and highest quality service to Taiwanese users.” said Young-il Lim, CEO of GameFlier.

Introduced in April 2012 by Eyedentity Games, Dungeon Striker is online action MORPG game, which boasts high speed action and great feeling of blow. It is an eagerly-anticipated title after completing two successful CBTs last year and winning multiple awards as “Best RPG game”, “Most Expected RPG game of the year” at G-Star(Korean game show) 2012.

For more details about Eyedentity Games and Dungeon Striker, check out the website for Eyedentity Games (www.eyedentitygames.com)