Darwin Project Major Customization Update Available Now on PC 26

Darwin Project Major Customization Update Available Now on PC

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Hang up that orange jumpsuit, because the height of post-apocalyptic fashion is here! Today on PC (and coming soon to Xbox One), Scavengers Studio has given Darwin Project inmates a chance to wildly expand the contents of their Dressing Room by adding over 200 unlockable cosmetic items, with even more on the way.

As inmates play matches and earn the favour of Fans, they’ll work their way up the ranks in Darwin Project’s new and improved progression system, earning Fan Gifts along the way. These special packages hold all manner of new cosmetic items for inmates to mix and match as they express themselves in the arena. Scavengers Studio plans to add more hairstyles and facial customization as well, alongside fresh Show Director digs.

Adding to this perfect storm of manhunting action, Scavengers Studio announced last week that Darwin Project is now available to play for free on Steam! Not only that, but a brand new tool has been introduced for inmates to experiment with: the Glider. Unlocked as a result of the community’s diligent flag-collection efforts, inmates can now take to the skies with a flick of the Crafting Wheel on Steam and Xbox One.

Darwin Project is now free to play on Steam. For the latest updates, visit Scavengers Studio's official website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Reddit and Instagram.