Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway

Global publisher and developer NetEase revealed last month that the Revelation Online’s beta for Europe and North America is planned for October 2016. With this announcement at hand, we have partnered with to giveaway Revelation Online Beta Keys.

Key Features:

  • Experience the absolute freedom to explore a gorgeous and open world. Discover hundreds of stunning locations, each with different settings and dynamically changing weather conditions.
  • Spread your wings and fly without any restrictions! Fly with your friends across the world and unleash the power of your wings in aerial combat!
  • Enjoy hundreds of story driven adventures unfolding through spectacular cut scenes.
  • Participate in raids with challenging bosses for up to 20 players.
  • Join intense PvP battles in numerous modes with hundreds of players simultaneously.
  • Enjoy the wide variety of character customization and progression.
  • Develop relationships with new allies using advanced socialization systems.
  • Elaborate guild system with personalized guild fortresses and cross server guild battles.

To sign up for the Revelation Online Beta today, visit

Winners Batch 1:

Yefta K
Ronan M
Vex F
Fabien B
Amistad A
Cesar C
Wilians F
Jonathan W

Revelation Online Beta Key Giveaway

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    Gameplay from RO its amazing, cant wait to play on NA/EU servers without lag from Korean servers

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  • We’ve sent the first 10 codes to the winners. We’ll have another draw tomorrow!

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